LAX and Santa Barbara

An uneventful flight from Sydney to LA saw us touching down and going through all the usual formalities before catching the shuttle to the rental car depot.  We had the choice of a number of ‘standard’ size cars and settled on a Dodge Avenger.

We set off on to the North, through Santa Monica and onto the Pacific Coast Highway aiming for Santa Barbara.  In fine California style, every corner has a song so; as we passed the Malibu pier, with ancient strains of Beach Boys in our heads, it’s a quick stop for a picture of the car with the pier in the background.

Further North and we pass the strawberry harvest underway at Oxnard just South of Ventura, and then back onto the main freeway heading North, just after the junction with the Ventura Highway; complete with memories of America, and that wonderful era of the west coast acoustic sound.

LA to Santa Barbara Pacific Coast Highway.mp4 from Roger Pryor on Vimeo.

4 thoughts

  1. Susan Laverty says:

    Hi Roger & Lyn

    Glad you have arrived safe, I am so jealous about you doing this drive through California, Monterey and Carmel are such lovely places, enjoy your trip


    • Roger says:

      Thanks James and Susan

      We just went for a great walk around the beach at Santa Barbara and then right up State Street which is the main street and very Spanish in style. Had a great Mexican meal and now getting ready to sleep off the flight. And James; yes, many of the car models have that theme. Jeep Patriot, etc.

  2. James says:

    ….great little travel movie, liked the soundtrack too. Do all American cars have such confrontational names, ie Dodge ‘Avenger”?

  3. Leoni Freeman says:

    Great work with the video clip Roger. Glad you are having a nice start to your holiday. I guess I’ll be singing Ventura Highway all afternoon now! Look forward to your updates.

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