Sunday fades to Monday

It’s bizarre really.

Here I am sitting in a hospital ward in Lake Macquarie with limited capacity to move without the assistance of 2 walking sticks, yet I have shared ideas and messages with colleagues in Virginia and Canada, Colorado , Sydney and Newcastle as well as follow the interactions and ideas of countless others: participating vicariously in the passage of life itself.

Wireless access and some added energy and concentration facilitated by some more regular inflammation control in my knees has led to a productive night of interchange and making some potential connections which will see classes in Australia connected with classes in the USA when their school year commences in the next weeks.

Having now ticked the competency box twice for the ‘stairs’ I’m hoping to move to a rehabilitation hospital in the morning to take part in some structured gym activities and hydrotherapy before heading home to continue the process.

I can’t imagine how lonely and isolating the experience would have been without the ability to connect via social media and see this as a powerful reminder of the enabling potential of ubiquitous access.


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