Back Home Again

1st August: Horses’ Birthday. – And this time last week I was posting pictures of shaved knees.

Back home Again – Sounds like another cue for a John Denver song!

After a good night last night and some planning to get a hired exercise bike etc, I’ve discussed with Doctor and by-passed the rehab hospital to have now returned home and it feels great! The stairs were always going to be a challenge but, using the techniques practiced with the physio team, I was able to make it to the top in one go.

Will now spend the week keeping up with some exercises interspersed with rest and time to get on with all sorts of things. ┬áIt’s a trite old saying but: “There’s no place like home!”

One Response to Back Home Again

  1. Hey dad,

    You are doing so well must be great to be able to get around and with this nice weather not a bad time to be off to sit back & take it all in!
    Love you xx