Upstairs Downstairs

The most difficult part of all of this is trying to get any sleep at all without being able to easily get into a position on one side as I’ve been doing ever since I remember. But, that aside, and another long night over, it was lovely to walk around the ward on sticks and sit in the sunshine of a great day, leaving the laptop off and engaging with the tactile pleasure of browsing casually through the SMH while icing legs.

Such a shame to see the front page story of a very small minority seeking to derail the very agenda of choice which has been represented by the introduction of Ethics classes in schools.  I really hope that parents of children who now have this as an option, should they wish to choose it, are able to underline their belief in their right of choice within similar time spaces in our schools.

The ups and downs of machinations within decision and policy making. Then: stairs.

The final challenge in gaining confidence in using these new joints comes with learning how to get up and down stairs.

It was actually emotionally overwhelming to accomplish this goal, as we have just moved into a two story home and up and down stair mobility will be critical.

The physiotherapist has a set of practice stairs like these set up and I was overjoyed to successfully complete the up and down trip twice.  Small steps, but huge lifts in confidence and a constant reminder of the ability we have to push back the horizon of possibility.

Now, more ice and stretches.  Tomorrow, more stairs.

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