Biking Boston

As expected, Boston provided another hot day.  We walked up to Harvard Square and caught the T into Boston.  Like most of the US cities we’ve visited, public transport is a great option, and the T didn’t disappoint.  We changed to another line downtown and then, after checking our bearings courtesy of Google maps, headed down to Urban Adventours in Atlantic Avenue where we were soon underway with some nice bikes.

Despite the heat, we managed to cycle around the North part of Boston, with its Italian restaurants and growing numbers of soccer supporters ready for the final of Euro 2012.

We then cycled through the financial district and over Beacon Hill to Boston Common before cruising down Newbury Street in Back bay and finally seeking refuge from the heat in an Irish pub just across the river from MIT.

We saw Italy defeated and then crossed the river for a cycle back up the Charles to our apartment near Harvard Square.

The video is below.

Boston – 1 July 2012 from Roger Pryor on Vimeo.