Bike Rental Roll Call

We’ve now managed to tick off a number of cities seen from the seat of a hired bike.

Generally, it’s not hard to find bikes for hire in most cities. Just a tip though; in the US they refer to it as bike rental, or cycle rental, so; if Googling, you’ll have more luck if you use this search term.  Most companies have an hourly rate, a half day rate of 24 hour rate.  Usually, if you go for the 24 hour rate this then means that if you pick up a bike at, say 12 noon, then it’s due back at 12 noon the next day.  This can often provide you with more flexibility.  We did this in Boston yesterday and today and it worked out well.

Usually, helmets are included, but you may have to ask for them when hiring.  It’s also a good idea to ask for a lock, or locks. This means that you can take advantage of the freedom of being able to park outside a coffee shop or whatever and lock bikes up to a pole.  If the bike has quick release wheels or seats, it’s a good idea not to leave it unattended for too long, or ask to have a long cable lock as well as a D lock so that you can secure both wheels as well as the frame.  It’s a bit sad seeing some frames secured to bike racks or poles around various cities, with both wheels gone.

So far, in the cities we have cycled on this trip, these shops have been good to rent from. (Just click the graphic for a link to their website.)

San Francisco




San Diego















OK, so we didn’t actually hire bikes here. The shop has some great stuff though, and friendly staff.  We picked up a cool T Shirt on special and some other bits and pieces.  In historic Salem Massachusetts.