Not so smooth as..

Well, according to the surgeon, the replacement went well.

Naturally I wouldn’t know, as there’s no way that I was planning on being awake for it.

You might notice a hand drawn arrow pointing downward toward the knee which I was asked to draw prior to surgery and, no doubt, a good way to ensure that everyone has common agreement about which bits are to go!

The rest of the day was all a bit of a blur with regular monitoring and checking.

Today, the physiotherapist arrived to get the legs moving with some simple exercises ¬†and then, the piece d’resistance: a standing welcome to the new joints with much trepidation and suppressed naughty words. So begins weeks of exercises and physio leading, hopefully, to the proverbial ‘walk in the park.’


One Response to Not so smooth as..

  1. I know it is going to be painful for a little while but it will be worth it when we can go for a nice long walk together…wishing you a speedy recovery dad,love you xx