Just somebody that I used to know

It’s amazing sometimes to think of all the years of service that legs have provided: toddling, running; jumping and falling. To get to the beginning and; at times, to the very brink.

Years later, to spring down an abseiling face or lead a ‘right, cross, right, clap’ dance move or to stand, balanced, guiding a boat toward a wharf in a swell.

They have always been part of the picture but; of late, no longer the same.

Sometimes; despite the pain of loss, it is time to move on.


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  2. Best of luck Roger,
    I am sure you will be singing up a storm on those new legs in no time.

  3. Hello Roger. I feel very moved by the deep emotion in your post. Bodies change as we age, and I too am facing what that means when you feel young inside.

    Beautiful video with such symbolism ..

    Brave of you to share this ..

  4. Roger,
    I feel your anquish. I wish it wasn’t so. It does not seem right.
    You have done so much, affected so many lives, allowed so many people to reach heights they would not otherwise have reached.
    I understand that you will find things different but I feel confident that you will find lots of new experiences to enjoy.
    I will keep you in my thoughts. You have had such a positive influence on my life and for that I am most grateful.
    Regards Audrey

  5. Hi Roger, I guess you’re facing Tuesday with mixed emotions. Relief at the prospect of pain free knees; trepidation at the knowledge & understanding of the operation; fear of the unknown; fear of the painful recovery journey you’ll face; excitement about the notion of reengaging with some of the activities you’ve long given up, including walking!!! And the fabulous feeling of regaining that youthful feeling that lives within when the body does as its told with ease & unconscious thought. I’m sure it will go well & at least you can be grateful that you won’t be going from hospital to gaol like Derryn Hinch!!! Lol!! And, even better you have your lovely new home in which to recuperate. Though I guess you’ll be needing a bed downstairs for a bit!!
    Good luck! Will be thinking of you. Jan xx

  6. Just take care.