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Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 2.16.49 PMRoger taught himself to play guitar while at high school and has continued to play and sing in a number of venues since the mid 70’s. He has also been part of a number of productions of plays, musicals and revue, as well as stage managing productions in a range of settings.

For a number of years, Roger was an agency managed soloist and duo performer working in pubs and clubs across the Hunter, Central Coast and Sydney, performing up to 100 gigs per year.

As a School Education Director, Roger has also had opportunities to use music as a means of engaging and connecting with students and schools.


As well as including songs within leadership presentations, linking live performance to times slide sequences, Roger was invited to work with some talented students and teachers at Newcastle High School to record and produce one of his songs as a learning project.  (Click to listen)


Bob Barboza, Super School University, Kids Talk Radio wrote:

“The 2011 Colorado TIE Conference was a success. We can thank Roger Pryor and the entire TIE Conference Team. It was so refreshing to listen to Roger Pryor’s keynote address about the educational system in Australia and the past, present and future of educational technology. In addition, we all were treated to his fine guitar playing and singing. Roger Pryor has the whole package in a keynote speaker.” July 11, 2011

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