Radio 2ED

During the 1982 Festival of Sydney, Roger led the establishment of a student radio station, broadcasting live on 1539 on the AM band for each of the 32 days of the Festival. Huge thanks to Adrian Zorec, one of the original team of announcers, who has kept the Station ID tapes below and transferred them to digital media.

2ED Army David Keffel vox

2ED ID 3 Adrian Vox


Martin ED ID

Nissy ED ID

Festival Of Sydney JINGLE


“I was one of the young people who worked at radio 2ED in 1982. As a student, I had no idea of the commitment and work that Roger went to. Radio licence, studio, equipment, music, announcers, chaperones, were all assembled in a very short period of time. The opportunity to run and broadcast in this station at the age of 17 was amazing. Roger’s encouragement, dedication and commitment are things that I have never forgotten and I thank him for making this opportunity available to us. Those young people now are CEOs, radio producers and other occupations but we can all attest to the impact of Roger and 2ED.” December 11, 2011

Martin J Cowling, Student, CHHS


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